“There should be more health professionals like Dr. Miletic!”

“This doctor, through his attentive care, saved my teeanager son from terrible depression and anxiety attacks. Dr. Miletic didn’t rush into prescribing hard core drugs, but carefully reviewed all my son’s lab tests, and figured out the underlying problem for his struggles. I recommend Dr. Miletic to all parents out there desperate to help their kids.”

“This past year I have encountered some of the biggest life changing events imaginable, some of which caused my sense of well-being to take a turn for the worse… Fast forward awhile… Now, I have been speaking with Dr Miletic for approx 2 months and he has taken a more thorough approach not only with regards to diagnostic testing, which I was previously asking my Doctors for, but also asking about how things are affecting my day to day quality of life – which is something no medical professional has ever done before. I am very grateful to have found Dr Miletic and am excited to continue working with him to get me healthy again.”

“Dr. Miletic is a wonderful, caring doctor who creates individualized and customized treatment plans. He dives deeply into each patient’s case in order to not only accurately treat and prevent illness, but promote true and prolonged health. I would wholeheartedly recommend”

“Sought help after a traumatic incident left me unable to continue my sport. Really got into it and got to the bottom of this and other issues. Now I’m better than ever. Certainly could not have done this on my own.”

“i would recommend this doctor very highly. After having had bad experiences with several others in the area, this doctor showed a brilliance in mind/body medicine that helped me immeasurably“